overdrive gear ATM - A340E A340F

still am having issues with no easy downshift auto to gear 3 to maintain speed coming out of the mountainous Platte valley :confused:

Getting close to 90k on the gen2 rig
all right here is some new weirdshTT i have NO CLUE about on the AT operations

so i was getting off the freeway coasting with light braking in D
near the end of the slowing down event decided to manually throw it into gear 3 and see whut all happens with the engine braking on this Gen2 rig
RPMS were under 1k
well those RPMs jumped up over the 1k RMP as it lurched back into gear3 like downshifting but at very slow movement of under 30mph

WHY is it still in D at that speed???
is THIS normal operation for the 4 speed AT on the Gen2 taco 4cyl
please! any help is advised
Don't know never owned an auto 4 banger taco. My gen1 tundra with the same family asin 4 speed auto operated like any other auto 4 speed like in gm's I had driven.
should it not downshift change gears AUTOMATICALLY as the speed decreases to this level?

my experience is with MT ONLY for more than 3 decades so IDK! ??!!
should it not downshift change gears AUTOMATICALLY as the speed decreases to this level?

my experience is with MT ONLY for more than 3 decades so IDK! ??!!
It should, my tundra did, and this new gen3 taco 6 speed will downshift at certain speeds when decelerating. The transmission has to sense being in the correct gear for that speed if needed to accelerate again, otherwise your engine will bog, or feel like its lugging.
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Generally speaking, when an automatic downshifts under those conditions, you won't feel the shift.

My Gem2 4.0L with AT under those conditions will have a firm downshift around 35 mph. This is when the torque convertor falls out of lock up. All perfectly normal. If I want to force the shift, I can simply move the trans gear selector from D to 4. The downshift will happen with a corresponding increase in engine speed (rpm).

All normal

My suggestion is to quit imagining problems and just drive the truck with the AT in D. Let the trans take care of its business. It knows better than you as to the proper shift points.
Same for my 3.5 auto at around 35 mph. You can actually feel a sudden drop in the trucks momentum when coasting to a stop, but it's a buttery smooth feeling.
Even at 50 plus mph, if you tap the brake pedal, the tranny will automatically drop from 6th to 4th to offer some engine braking when going down a steep hill.
I gotta change the transmission t-iv fluid again after 12 k miles since last pan train
Smells like the transmission fluid is burning!
Atf doesn't burn at 12k miles unless the tranny is tapioca...which if you do smell burning, its already too late.
Its more likely that some other source of oil is dripping onto a hot exhaust or a hot manifold.......

How does ATF smell different than motor oil when its burning???? I'd guess it all smells like oil being burned.

Shoot.....It could be anti-freeze leaking somewhere, maybe heater core........
Might be crankcase oil burning it is possible
It's always a challenge to check level on that curvy checkstick that oil like to cling to and give inaccurate readings
Something did seem a bitty off on the level last I checked it
Like rock mentioned, it's more than likely an oil leak somewhere thats burning on the exhaust you smell coming through the cabin air filter. Been very common on toyota engines...its part of their rust inhibitor program.
It could also be the smells of the vehicle in front that are burning something or other
Sometimes it stink like funkweed
Changed atf t-iv 1000 miles ago
Today was level check
It look ok into the hot area at top hash

still it has a rumbly feel at 45 mph or close to there stuck in D and will not easy shift into 3rd gear which an automatic ought
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