shimmy in the steering upon hard rapid braking...

Nothing new there. All that is just part of doing any brake job dealing with rotors. If those brake mechanics aren't checking for all that...their just in a rush to do a typical brake job then move on to the next. Eventually like this video guy its going to bite him in the ass.
There could be a measurable amount of rusty buildup on the hubs behind these gen2 rotors
And the why they vibrate shimmy shimmy ya
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Thats why you wire wheel any surface rust buildup from those hubs anytime rotors are replaced. You don't want any high spots on those hubs causing the rotor to have runout once their mounted.
After you remove the schmutz from the hub and the inner surface of the rotor. Apply a light coating of anti-seize Cu based on one of those surfaces prior to assembly.
I use super lube never seize quite a bit. Keeps bolts for the dock sections easy to come apart at the end of the fall. Works great on those hubs that hold the rotors to. Just don't get any on the rotor faces.
could use that copper antiSeize on exhaust parts to keep them from corroding?
Good luck with that. I've tried all sorts of coatings as such on exhaust fasteners in years past...they all wash, or burn off in a short time. Using quality stainless fasteners seems to be the only golden ticket.
Any amount of water spray off the roads at highway speeds will blast it away.
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i found this comment on a diffrent Yota forum
so i really do not the F know now what is going on

"Just a hint if only steering wheel vibrates it is wheel balance or suspension issue, if rotors are warped brake pedal will pulsate. Warped rotors will make brake pedal pulsate"
Rear drums can make the brake pedal pulsate when you STEP on the brake pedal, same for warped rotors. A bad set of tires, or tires not balanced properly will usually cause a steering wheel shimmy at certain speeds. All that provided your front suspension is all good.
I have heard cases if the front rotors are warped bad enough, they can cause steering wheel shimmy when you apply the brakes.
i think the pedal only pulsates when the anti-lock mechanism is triggered