the big LBJ...

these are the big pics
for a Gen3 T4R
slightly different design on the Gen1 Taco LBJ
(didn't see any big pics for those ^^^)



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So.......... Is there a point or a topic or a question???? Perhaps just random pics of a part.
this is a study on the Gen1 LBJ

why so much!?

MSRP is currently 189$
These pics should belong on the the bs thread. There's just too many worthless threads like these that have no meaning.
Not much of a study. Its a part with a brand name driving high $$$.

More than likely there are more just like it for less bucks. Ironically, the same factory could be churning out the same part and poking it into different boxes.

Meanwhile, someone is giggling all the way to the deposit slot at the bank.
There are other brand out there made in china
MOOG for example
Mevotech is another
But the word is you do not wish to put one of those junk a/m LBJ on yer gen1 taco
For safety reasons
High rates of unannounced failure :confused:
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Not everything is made in China. Also, not everything made in China is junk.

If you are phobic about where a product is made, then be sure to read the Country of Origin label.

Do you have a cell phone? Care to guess it's Country of Origin. TV? Computer? Refrigerator? Washer? Dryer? Power Tools? Hand tools?

How do you know the Country of Origin for the Toyota part? Japan? China? Tiawan? Viet Nam? India? Thailand?
Toyota has factories scattered throughout the world.

Trust me, I've had some grade A c-rap made here in the USA.
the debate on when and how often these need to be swapped out to new is neverending :confused:
I've bought replacement carburetors made in china for my small stihl power equipment that have outperformed, and outlasted the original carbs made here in the u.s., or mexico for a 1/3 of the cost. Not everything made here in the old usa is good....we just charge more for our junk.
You do realize that neither the UBJ nor the LBJ are "regular" maintenance items for replacement at specific mileage.

They only need replacing when worn.

BUUUUUTTTT. If you wanna replace them on a mileage interval, I'd suggest at the 100K mark. There are several tasks at the 100K mark.