the big LBJ...

found better deal on that SST tool from AmaYama in Japan
pending the approval...

amayama  tool preOrder 4-7-24.jpg
That you'll likely never need again. I could see it if you're planning to go into business needing them, otherwise it makes no sense to just piss away money at random. 99% of people I know would never do this.
I'm wondering if he'll even do the work.

As a bit of information. Most auto stores (Advance, Oreilly's, Autozone) will rent tools of this nature. All you need to do is put down a deposit, which is fully refunded on return of the tool. In other words, the tool rental is FREE.
Another solution....Unless independently wealthy with never the need to work, which most are not, try not driving so much just to accumulate miles. You could save a ton of money instead of pissing it away foolishly causing you to complain on all these forums.
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