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US Supreme Court gives orangeman a big win in immunity case. The left is going bonkers. You even got that dumber than a rock AOC wanting to bring articles of impeachment against that court.
A friend of mine, and his uncle brought me their old gas powered pressure washer yesterday after not being able to start the engine. I took one whiff of the fuel that was in it, and knew it was going to be awhile before getting this beast to run again. I had to drain all the old stinky gas from the tank, and fuel line, before removing the carb. The fuel in the carb was about as rotten as I've ever seen. It stunk up the entire garage, and house with it. Wife was pissed off big time, asking where I bought that horrible smelling cologne. Well, I disassembled all the jets in the carb, letting them soak overnight...blew them out real good along with all the air, and fuel passage ways in the carb body this morning...reassembled the carb, and installed it back on the engine. With new gas in the fuel tank...a few pulls it fired right up running better as before. My hands, and clothing still stink of bad fuel even after washing them over, and over. That friggin stink just won't go away.
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planning a venture to Kansas tomorrow to visit the uncle that is back in the hospital
cousin says he is having some issues again
2 months ago...
Got a call from the cousin that uncle M from Kansas passed away this morning
Had been planning to wheel it back to Kansas one day soon to have another visit when cousin back in town
Got word tonight a cousin of mine in north Kansas died the other day from too much alcohol
His brother said he drank himself to death
So my uncle has lost 2 children in the past 10 years to substance abuse
And now that uncle is with 2 of his kids wherever that may be in the great beyond
My condolences to you and their family. Yes I know all about substance abuse losing 3 close friends, one recently to alcohol, and the two others to heroine.