The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

No one is going to pay $29k for a truck that old, especially with an economy rating at an average 13 mpg. They're a nice reliable, riding truck, but only rated to tow what a gen2 tacoma is capable of. They're also more expensive to maintain, and repair if your not able to service it yourself. Insurance is a killer on these vs a new taco.
Maybe you should buy it seem to have ''REAL'' deep pockets for old trucks.....and these just aren't ''WORDS''
For someone with a clapped out high milage rig like yours that would have no issues spending any amount of money to keep it on the's a great deal. I pushed mine for 19 years till it got too expensive for me to keep paying the current cost of insurance, fuel, and all. With all the nanny crap in these new tacos, insurance was hundreds less for me. This would be a no brainer for you, seeing higher costs for having an older vehicle like that doesn't matter.
Your disgusting ! One brandon is plenty.
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