The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

Most likely, yes

I had long john silvers fish chicken platter last week o_O o_O
The grease just settle down there
I've been lectured by a dietician at my health, and wellness center I attend after suffering a stroke at age 60 some years back, due to all the fast food I use to consume during my lunch break when I was working. Fast food, and stress running a business are a deadly combo. Maybe it's something you'd know zero about, but it's real. All that food is loaded with saturated fat, and cholesterol which builds up in your arteries over time. Eventually you end up with a heart attack, or stroke. I had to make a huge lifestyle change to get healthy. It still requires me to be on meds, if not chancing another stroke.
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that guy scotty is kind of way-out-there
he has a Very Large following, i am not really one of them...
I have to take an electrocardiogram every year for a heart arrhythmia condition I developed after getting hit by lightning years ago. I had a stroke from this 11 years ago, and have to take meds now to prevent another one.