The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

Where have you been being the video king you are? Between beating up his girlfriend in a video, and sexually assaulting other women, he's in a bunch of trouble.
I was over my brothers house today, my taco informer. He showed me all posts you've been making on tw. Chit...there's a whole bunch of jays like a mini cult whining about all sorts of problems on these gen1 trucks that are suppose to be so great. It was good entertainment. At least there's been less whining on this forum that you've now unloaded all your issues on tw. Imo, once A.I. comes about, your going to have nothing for it. have others on tw that whine as much as you have. From all I've read on his computer of the gen1 forum, it's laughable with all the bs. You guys should be called the gen1 crybaby forum. Good luck gaining any knowledge there.
Can't believe it, my stock of weed whacker string refills has been depleted already, and its not even summer yet. Oh well, time to buy a case of them at this rate.
what kind of weed whacker?
my craftsman is old and no longer works, won't start, nothing!
and the weeds are getting thickly out there in the back behind
I bought a ryobi 18 volt cordless last year with 6 spare string spools to replace my old gas powered stihl one. This ryobi works way more awesome as long as you have a spool for every 3 times you cut the lawn.
Really, I would have never actually could be why I'm going through string like grows on trees....geee thanks for the tip.