The BS Thread To Rule Them All!!!

Best bs post of the day....the orangeman bs trial thats all bs, including prosecution's star witness mikey. Even the judge is full of chit.
Judge can give him up to life, but thats just bs, imo. It'll be more like putting orangeman under house arrest so he can't campaign if convicted, which this excuse for a judge has basically givien the jurors instructions not to go home till they convict. I've serve jury duty years ago for a trial that involved a case of dui involuntary manslaughter. The trial lasted 3 days till we came to a unanimous verdict. I've never seen anything like this in a courtroom from a judge where there are no crimes committed to begin with. They are making them up as this trial progress's. It's a magic show.
If on this jury, I would be pissed. This judge is using those jurors like chumps.
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Old news. Where have you been, those newer gen turbo tundras have had teething issues since their release. I hope for Toyota's sake these new gen4 tacoma's fare better. At least so far they have. My brothers wife has a 2020 honda with a 4 cylinder turbo. They've been known to get well over 250k miles without any turbo service. I've been in that car...its a rocket.
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Hey informant told me to tell you to stop giving bogus advice to the tw gen4's making you look like you know nothing....they can ban you for misinformation if it happens enough.
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Spent the last 1/2 hr battling it out with the cable people. Found an interesting ph.# on the net for our cable company. Its listed as a customer pissed off number to call. Some customer from our cable company must of listed it as a direct line to their retention center. I was impressed after calling it. Got to speak to a real live person within a minute. It was dealing with this person that became the battle. At any the end i got $36 knocked off my internet bill, so any future bs can long go on.
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That stuff is like rat poison. I don't eat any of those junk food pizzas from those chain outfits. Papa johns was barely acceptable. little cesars was the worst. All these fast food, and chain pizza joints are whats causing major health issues in our people.