the climate crisis...

Somebody NEEDS to poke a big HOLE in that carbon bubble and let that heat escape up and out
We're expecting it to hit triple digits by friday. Frigging humidity is wicked....makes you feel like you're swimming in air.
It's hotter in northeast than it is in Miami Florida at this moment in time
Base of mt's where their visitors center is located. The lodge is at the summit. Its a good 5 mile ride up the mountain to reach the lodge at the summit.
Feels like being in a sauna this morning. Its already 80 degrees with high humidity, and its only 8 am.
Should break 100 easy.
It's sauna city again this noon. Had some thunder boom booms, and rain last evening, sun came out this noon. Humidity is so thick you can slice it with a knife, plus it's hot as hell.:(
Thunder boom booms are back. We're currently. under a tornado warning with ping pong size hail. Been spotted coming from ny state. Seems ma., and vermont are also under tornado warnings. Lots of grumbling out there getting closer. Here comes the rain!!!