the pilot bearing...

Idk about the toyota dealers...this is places like amazon, or eBay that the seller claims they have a toyota parts outlet. The main thing is cost....people tend to look for a lower cost on what they assume is the same part.
"If you believe your pilot bearing is on its way out , Its going to make noise when you have your clutch pedal pushed down ."

I do not recall heaRing any noises such as for that! :confused:
throwout bearing chatter seemed to cease upon the slightest fingering of that 3rd pedal on my rig

as far as my research has gone the T0B only makes noise when 3rd pedal is not push down
Not always. I've had throwout bearings start howling when disengaging the clutch. I had one come out in pieces on my 66 gto 4 speed
i think the one on my rig just fell out :confused:
it was quite wobbly on the shaft i was told
but not a positive on that 1
oh no!!

is that where all that odd grinding noises were coming from!?

mostly in that 2nd gear slowly up with 3rd pedal down
If so, the new bearing will no longer have a press fit in the end of the crank. My guess...the old bearing would come out in pieces before that happened.
it may have grenaded on that input shaft?
from the pictures sent it looked rather roached on that tip and then wobbled the shaft the other input bearing had some wear
input shaft bearing was noted as 'wobbly' as well

transmission input shaft roached bearing.jpg

below this is the new bearing on rebuilt
should that be no wobble wobble

R150F input bearing Yota1.jpg