the pilot bearing...

What do you expect the transmission to be like with that many miles? its worn out, and needs to be rebuilt, or replaced. Bearings are usually the first to go out of spec.
tacoJohn in Denver has same transmission on his '97 5VZ-FE single cab and has 750k miles original onit and has no issues with it yet
he bot his rig about 10 days exact before i bot mine

i did something different to mine that would lead to this and i wish to know the why me why me :(

he has changed his clutch parts out at least twice and perhaps thrice now
but what that would have to do with the input shaft bearing wobble i have no clues at the moment
My guess is your hero's long life AT is due to his maintenance routine. Ie Not delaying maintenance to reach an arbitrary mileage goal.

There may also be a generous dollop of exaggerated claims to garner internet Bro points.
MT not AT in his rig
5 speed R150F

i met and rode along with him up the rockies several years ago
I could recall swapping out a 4 speed in a chevy back in the 80's with a junkyard one that was suppose to come out of an another chevy with low miles. The replacement turned out to be in worse shape than the one we took out. All the bearings, and syncro's were wasted. Even some of the gears showed excessive wear. I slapped it back together, and took it back.
Nuttin' more frustrating than junkyard treasures.

In this area, any vehicle in a salvage yard more than 10 years old goes thru the bailer, then shipped to a shredder, then off to scrap iron smelter.
There is supposedly a Tacoma and other yota boneyard around Joplin Missouri
Maybe so.

Although, I need to consider the distance, time and cost involved to pick a part in Joplin with the risk buying a clapped out part.

Thanks. I'll stay with my sources for NOS or Aftermarket parts. I shop very carefully on aftermarket stuff. EBAY is not a good source for parts in my opinion.
Ebay has been ok for me as long as you know exactly what your looking at/for. Hopefully they now claim they are more secure, but in the past I've had my credit card hacked more than once with use on eBay.
so we have the inner pilot that fits onto the trans input shaft

does the OUTER pilot bearing fit into the crankShaft?
or is it just the flywheel it fits to
Pilot bearing is press fit into the rear end of the crankshaft. I thought that issue had already been resolved. How many pilot bearing jobs are you doing?
My rig had some big ish at the opposite end years before this that was misdiagnosed by a pro or two
I need to research that other rag to find exactly when my fruitless inquiry started on that concern
it is a bit far-fetched, i will admit, considering the large # of miles wheeled between the two events to cause any causation to input shaft damages
it was not ever diagnosed properly to prevent anything
both events on both ends
same queer rattle in the same RPM range both times