We don't do any of that in these parts

The best thing u can get here is the rubbery ziebart junk
We don't do any of that in these parts

The best thing u can get here is the rubbery ziebart junk
Couldn't tell how many, and where their nhou franchise shops are located in the u.s., but there might be one out in Montana. Most are east of the Mississippi.
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Thats not undercoating...it's painting. This cars steel underneath pan needs to be finished off by undercoating it with cosmoilne like bmw does.
Why doesn't Toyota just dip them in galvanize before they build the trucks like a boat trailer it has to cost a lot less than 20 k to do it ! That's what my friends sister said the dealership back charges Toyota to change them out per truck?She's a service rep at our local Toyota dealership, Duh that's a no brainer. At least Toyota is only company that steps up to address the frames all other companies say sorry your SOL ! Bitches
The toyota dealer here was given $12k from Toyota years ago for gen2 frame replacements. Idk what toyota allows now.
Most gen3, and all current 4th gen toyota tacoma's now have have their frames made from high tensile strength steel thats suppose to fend off rust far longer.
Marlane my friends sister said they run about 16 k for frame only swap no extra parts. My friend did his 06 tundra and paid 300 extra to put new exhaust manifold gaskets other wise that's a 2800 job to do on a truck that cuz motor has to get pulled . so 300 while engine is on the stand waiting to get put in a new frame was a deal :)
Friend of mine thats a toyota tech had once told me years ago toyota sets the cost they will give the dealer on frame replacements depending on the vehicle.
The dealer here wanted $2200, and change to do an exhaust replacement on my tundra, and that didn't even include new exhaust manifolds, and 4 02 sensors. Between that, the timing belt kit it needed, and paint job, it would cost me more than the truck was worth.
Tundra must not hold their value worth very well :confused:
but a fastidious paint job can run 5 figs...
Blue book value at the time for a gen1 tundra in my condition was around $5-6k. I took a check for $5k from a local auto garage I use to do business with when I ran my shop. They already had a buyer, so both of us were happy with it. For the 19 years I owned it, the biggest expense at one time was a steering rack. The rest was general maintenance that had to be done. So far after 4years the tacoma has only needed a couple oil changes. For a 2 ton plus truck, it's got more giddy up than the tundra with way better fuel economy. I do not miss the tundra when it came to gasoline.
I don't think the taco has the balls my 4.7 03 ,tundra had alot more low end ..the taco is more like a 2 stroke. And why didn't they put a 4.0 in the 3rd gen tacos ? You could get a 4.0 in a 4runner that makes no frekkin sense to me whatsoever! ARE ya smellung what I'm stepping in ???