When I used FF on my tundra in late oct., by march, only the most protected areas still had some FF left....all other steel chassis areas were showing surface rust. I use it on my tractor, mower, and snowblower decks which don't see heavy rain, or wet slushy roads.
Seeing that I was doing the same job over, and over every year, I had to find something else longer lasting. I did a bunch of reading, and found bmw, and mercedes both ship their cars with chassis's coated with cosmoline. Figured if good enough for them, it's more than good enough for my lowly taco.
spread the word then on what absolut junk FF is
i try every time i possibly can to tell those out there what junk it truly is in certain apps
That cosmoline shure brushes on ezpz when it's 90 degrees out
Poured some amber in a dish and sat it in the sun for 15 to bake
Dripping from the brush but hardened in the shade under the taco
Coated the gen2 spare upside down and half the diff pumpkin after d+f the gear oil
2 coats of amber Rp-342 cosmoline in rattle cans really works well creeping into cavities you can't get at with a brush, plus its not really recommended if there's already rust on the chassis. Its mainly for covering fresh/new steel.
This was from a pail of the product
Before I found they have spray cans lol
There were crusty spot on the spare
Hope you pressure washed the chassis well, before applying this stuff. The steel must have a clean dry surface, just like you would if painting it.
Cosmoline is self healing to a point, but has its limits if not applied to a clean surface. If not, it just won't last as long. I did my truck when new with it, and it still looks great except for some minor 5 minute touchups in the high abrasion areas.
chassis is still mostly coated in the rubbery tar shTT the dealer applied undercoating over new 13yrs ago after its trip from east Minnesota onna special order

i did hand wipe with degreaser the surfaces i was treating on the wheel and diff cover with cosmo

that spare wheel in the rear must be an absolut high abrasion area?
Be careful applying cosmoline on a surface thats already been treated with another rust inhibitor. I once saw a crazy reaction when a guy sprayed cosmoline over fluid flim. It turned into a dripping mess that never dried.
The spare tire, and all the tire wells, also the rear leafs get a lot of water spray abrasion. I was very surprised the rear differential didn't get affected. It was the 1st thing needing a round of FF when I had the tundra. With the taco done in cosmoline, it's not affected....looks like I did it yesterday.
Cosmoline dries to a semi hard waxy surface. It has some self healing properties. I hate lanolin based inhibitors. They wash off to soon, plus they collect all kinds of dirt looking like a greased pig.
That amber cosmoline looks exceptional! on that spare wheel
A few spots were missed because it was a bit dark when it was applied