Your Dogs

I haven't met a dog that doesn't like me. I get mugged by them, but it seems nearly every dog goes after my brother with a vengeance if they see him. It's weird, he must smell like bacon to them.
i am used to the 'miniature' breeds
where the bite is usually nothing more than a prick lol
stings but no chance of mauling
the mail carrier lady actually kicked one of my dogs once that was tied on the porch :confused:
I’m used larger dogs. The postal workers are intimidated by their size. I’ve found that the smaller dogs are more likely to be aggressive than the larger dogs. Anyone who kicks are harms my dogs would have a major problem with me. I wouldn’t stand for it.
Simba will every so often spontaneously break out in zoombies. I’ve bought myself a couple times accidentally calling him Zoomba instead of Simba.:p