Wow. 2,000 miles in 72 hours. That's even a first for me. My cousin's funeral was this past weekend and I made my way to the Chicago suburbs to attend the service. Departed Friday morning and made it to Eureka, Missouri for the first leg and stayed at a Super 8. And tehn after the funeral, I went to a Red Roof Inn where I made a reservation with confirmation number. The dude tells me my reservation was cancelled but he can't tell me by who and they were sold out for the night as were the next three hotels I called.

Finally found a room in Joliet, Illinois and stayed there. Woke up the next morning and drove 15-hours straight back to Texas. I was tired.
Wasn't in the mood to snap a ton of photos but I always take a picture of the Arch when I drive through St Louis. Just got back from the carwash this morning and washed off all the bug juice on BigBlue….
how is this pic ??
u gotta get off the beaten path and wheel the mean morning streets of east st louis to getcha some of that!