What did you do to (or with) your truck today?




What did you do to (or with) your truck today?​

Funny you should mention that. I took my Taco out today and drove him to Walmart coz I needed some gravy mix for my ham & cheese omelette this morning. Not my picture….

Took a ride into town to buy more grass seed. I don't think the existing seed I used from last spring is any good. Been over a week since I reseeded an area on my lawn, and nothing yet. We had a couple mornings of unusual heavy frost earlier this week. Probably didn't help either.:(
And it's coming trust me. Dark skies all day here in North Texas.
rain stayed pretty much at bay and away from here... sun even was out for an hour(ish)
but 3 hours south KCMO got hammered during the baseball game field was ALL muddy from delayed tarp down